A slightly tilted slope of Yufu. Slowly climb up this slope while the gentle winds welcome you back.


1st Floor

Experience special time with your family and friends with the Imori-fireside.
The moment of bliss when eating food while looking at the charcoal burning slowly and slowly.
(Irori is available : Oct. - Mar. only. Will be explained on how to use.)

2nd Floor

There are 3 western and Japanese-style guest rooms on the 2nd floor. All the rooms can comfortably accommodate 3 people.
Slip out from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and come heal yourself in the time that slowly passes by. That is why there are no clocks on either the 1st and 2nd floors.


We have all the home appliances you need for your daily lives for you to feel as if you are at home. Feel free to use it.

Bedding (mattress, futon, blanket, pillow) Television Refrigerator Rice Cooker Toaster Microwave Portable Stove
(Please bring your own gas cartridge)

Utensils required for cooking, and necessary plates for dining are available.
Out of our wish for our guests to enjoy conversing while cooking, we have installed a two-way counter-kitchen.


A grill and tongs are available for BBQ. But please bring you own charcoal.
Enjoy your stay while experiencing the crisp breeze from the Yufuin. (no roof)

Hot spring

The “Ao-Yu,” a self-jetting, all-natural hot spring that is rare even in Japan.
The thick and rich hot spring water is gentle to the skin, for a silky and smooth feeling after your bath.Enjoy this open-air bath to your heart’s content.

An extremely rare hot spring, even in Japan.

You can fully enjoy this Ao-Yu which is rare even in Japan.

The hot spring is rich in metasilicic acid, and looks blue due to the floating fine particles that reflects only blue light. The colors are ever-changing, subject to the time, weather, and temperature, offering various colors you can enjoy, from light-blue, purple, to bluish-white.

The thick and rich hot spring water is also gentle to the skin for a silky and smooth feeling after your bath. Highly recommended for ladies as you almost won’t require any facial lotion after your bath!

Once you immerse yourself in the all-natural Ao-Yu, you will no doubt be cleansed thoroughly and feel at peace, fully rejuvenated.

Type Hot spring
Hot Spring Quality Sodium,Chloride Spring
Health Benefits
  • Neuralgic Pains
  • Sore Muscles
  • Joint Pain
  • Stiff Shoulders
  • Mobility Paralysis
  • Stiff Joints
  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Chronic Digestive Diseases
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Sensitivity to Cold
  • Recovery from Illness
  • Relieves Fatigue
  • Improves Health
  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Chronic Skin Diseases
  • Physically Fragile Children
  • Illness (female-specific)
Bath Hours No Time Restrictions

Basic Information/Facility Information

Basic Information

Name of Facility Yufu-no-Kazaya
Address 1212-20 Kawakami Yufuin-cho, Yufu, Oita 879-5102
Check-In 15:00(Last Check-In 18:00)
Check-Out 11:00
Capacity 10 people
Parking Lot 3 cars Free Fee

Facility Information

Indoor Layout
  • <1st Floor>
    Living Room, Kitchen, Japanese-style Room, Toilet, Indoor Bath, Open-Air Bath
  • <2nd Floor>
    3 rooms(Japanese-style room:2 rooms, Western-style room:1 room)・Toilet
  • ※The building is non-smoking. (There is an ashtray available outside)
Indoor Facility
  • Indoor Bath, Irori-fireside, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Wireless LAN (Internet Connection)
  • ※The Irori-fireside is available for use from October to March.
  • ※An additional fee is required to experience the Irori-fireside. ¥3,300 per use
  • 【Precautions when using the Irori-fireside】
  • ・Please ventilate the room when using it.
  • ・Please do not burn any plastics, etc.
  • ・Please do not use firestarters.
  • ・Grilling any food (meats or seafood, etc.) that may disperse oils or smoke is prohibited.
  • ※Hot pot dishes are allowed.
  • We will charge a penalty fee in the event such usage was found. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Indoor Amenities
  • Television/DVD Player/Fan Heater/Fan/Hair Dryer
  • Refrigerator/Rice Cooker/Microwave/Toaster/Portable Stove (Please bring your own gas cartridge)/
    Cooking Utensils (Pots, frying pans, knives, kettles, etc.)/Dishes/Condiments (Sugar, salt, soy sauce, oils)
Amenities Hand-towel, Bath-towel(For each person)/Bath mat/body soap/soap/shampoo/conditioner
Outdoor Facility
  • ■Hot Spring (Open-Air Bath)
  • ※A self-jetting, all-natural hot spring. Therefore, the hot spring may not be available due to conditions, such as the weather or temperature.
  • ■BBQ
  • ※There are no roofs.
  • ※But please bring you own charcoal.
  • ※Please finish using it by 9:00 PM, as we are located in a residential area.
Other Precautions
  • As we are located in a residential area, the following actions are prohibited as it causes inconveniences to the neighboring residents.
  • ・Fireworks
  • ・Any loud sounds and music
  • ・Any other kind of loud noise


Entrance Entrance Parking Lot Parking Lot(3cars)