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Four adults & two kids.

Today, I came to stay with my family from Oita.
The hot spring was really good ♡
While talking slowly with my children for the first time in a long time,
both me and my mother went to the hot spring.
At night, we all had a nice barbecue in the garden. We had fun!!
I was able to spend a leisurely time.

The hot spring is so comfortable that everyone also went in the morning.
Our bodies became so warm and our skin was smooth ... ♡♡
I would like to come back again.

Since it was May, I couldn't experience the hearth, so next time We will come back to experience the hearth ...! !!
Thank you for your accommodation ☆


With six best friends from junior high school

I came to travel from Fukuoka prefecture with my best friends from junior high school.
It was an awesome experience!.
The hot springs were also wonderful and the best.
When we went to bed, we all slept in the shape of a river,
I'm glad I came to stay.
thank you for accommodating us!
I will come again (^▽^)
(From 6 people)

Graduation trip with 5 people

When I was looking for a place to stay together, I found this place.
Because we were on a graduation trip, we all wanted to enjoy together so I thought the theme park was the best.
However, we spent a relaxing time here, and the facilities are also perfect and nothing to say.
Everyone goes into the hot spring, drinking sake and eating nabe around the Irori-fireside.
It was like a share house.
It was a really good memory.
I would like to come again someday, including these people and the others who couldn't come!!

Adult school trip
With 3 families and 3 couples

three couples have come to Oita for an "adult school trip".
Each child became a high school student,
so they stayed at home this time.
We wondered what’s going on at home…
The hot spring was very good.
Our grown up skin became smooth after a long time ...
It was comfortable.

In the hearth, we had pork pot and had a drink ...
It was delicious ... and so fun ♡

Tomorrow, we’ll go to Kumamoto.
Will do sightseeing in Kumamoto, and we’ll check in 6 single rooms in a business hotel.

As the beginning of the trip, everyone enjoyed so much. It was a fun experience at Oita prefecture!!


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